The art of Rubik Cubes


CIX is happy to do commissions and will generate a template from a photo for approval prior to commencing the work, so that the client is able to see exactly what the completed piece will look like.



One of the main benefits of an interactive performance, is that your gets can join in and participate in creating the RubikCubism piece. Several laminated templates will be available for any guest who wishes to join in, so that they can produce one or more of the cubes within the piece. They can then initial the back of the cube, and have photos taken of their achievements both during and at the completion of the piece. Furthermore, several full sized cubes will be available for guests to play around with.


Exhibitions and Live Displays

CIX can create any RubikCubism piece of your chosing - Prior to the event, you can request a specific design or be presented with several different templetes showing what the finished piece will look like, so that you will know exactly what you are getting. If the piece will take longer than the duration of your event to produce, then the piece will be part completed prior to the event to ensure that it is completed before the end.


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Cix mainly focuses on portraits, but has evolved his pieces to include landscapes, animals, architectural and corporate logos. Cix has recently started performing interactive pieces where the public can join in and help complete the works or simply have fun playing with the variety of cubes on show.

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  • “I'm glad the Cube is reaching new generations, who face it with fresh wonder, curiosity and enthusiasm” — Erno Rubik 2007

  • “Love is like a rubik's Cube, it requires knowledge, variety, time, and playfulness. There is no guaranttee you will solve the puzzle but if you do you will have that happy feeling at the end.” — Margaret Skourlis

  • “If you are curious, you'll find the puzzles around you. If you are determined, you will solve them.” — Erno Rubik